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Premier Solar Sheep provides full-service vegetation management services to solar asset owners and managers.  But make no mistake about it. Sheep are the heart and soul of our company.  Our founders are multigenerational ranchers with deep roots in the sheep industry.  This company isn’t just a service business.  We are committed to this business to preserve and improve sheep ranching for generations to come.     

At Premier Solar Sheep, we approach solar vegetation management the same as we manage land and livestock at the family ranch.  A successful ranching operation requires hard work, a long-term vision, adapting to what mother nature provides, and a dedication to getting the job done right the first time.  Short cuts or quick fixes are just problems down the road. These same principles are applied in the way we provide vegetation management services.     

Our preference is to provide full-service vegetation management services with a heavy emphasis on sheep grazing.  Vegetation management that is done in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner takes a comprehensive approach.  Sheep are utilized to harvest vegetation in a sustainable manner.  There will be times when vegetation gets ahead of grazing or unpalatable vegetation becomes an issue.  Mechanical and chemical control methods are used to fill this gap in vegetation management.  These are done with an emphasis to complement sheep grazing and sustain a healthy ecosystem.  

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At Premier Solar Sheep, we also provide individual services such as contract grazing and/or mowing for solar asset managers or solar vegetation management companies.   

Our mission is sheep-focused premier vegetation management.  To accomplish this mission, we view every solar site as a new ranch that we are privileged to manage. While it is a privilege, it also comes with a great responsibility to protect the land, soil, vegetation and livestock so that all remain healthy and productive.  It is critical that a solid foundation of livestock and infrastructure is established to perform the services according to our mission.  While this may require larger up-front costs, the long-term return on investment is worthy of the added costs and effort required.

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